Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner


Presenting the Revopoint MINI: Precision Redefined in a Compact 3D Scanner

Step into the future of precision scanning with the Revopoint MINI, a state-of-the-art blue light 3D scanner. This compact powerhouse redefines accuracy with an astonishing precision of up to 0.02mm, rivaling professional-grade equipment in the dental industry. Ideal for expert dental cast creation, the MINI stands as a testament to precision and versatility.

Beyond dental applications, it shines in jewelry design, reverse engineering, quality inspection, and more. For designers, engineers, makers, and professionals in medical and scientific research, the Revopoint MINI is an indispensable tool, transforming complex modeling and design into a seamless, efficient process.

Discover the Power of Integrated Software with Revopoint’s 3D Scanning Suite

Revopoint presents a trio of specialized software designed to enhance your 3D scanning experience: Revo Scan, Revo Studio, and Revo Calibration. This powerful combination offers seamless integration at every stage of the scanning process. Revo Scan streamlines the capture of intricate details, Revo Studio brings professional editing capabilities to your fingertips, and Revo Calibration ensures the utmost precision. Together, they work in harmony to deliver high-precision 3D scans, catering to the meticulous needs of users across various professional domains.

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Revopoint Mini

Standard, Dual-Axis Turntable Model