Fez Smart Factory/UEMF/Fez, Morroco visit!

Embracing Innovation and Tradition: Canion3D’s Visit to Fes Smart Factory and UEMF

As we set foot in the enchanting city of Fes, the cultural heartbeat of Morocco, the warmth of its people enveloped us, making the transition from Germany seamless. Our journey to Fes was not just a mere visit; it was an exploration of innovation at the Euro Med University Fes (UEMF), which prides itself on being the cradle for the future advancements of Canion3D.




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We cannot hold back our excitement and amazement at the wonderful time we had visting Fes, Morocco and the Euro Med University Fes for our tour of the Fes Smart Factory, the future home of Canion3D!

From the time we landed in Fes from Germany we felt like we were at home.


Our visit to the FSF was a tremendous success.


We cannot thank enough the staff at the Fes Smart Factory and the UEMF for their hospitatlity!

New buildings and structures being built to serve the FSF community.

Soccer (Football) pitch, Indoor Swimming Pool, New Baskbetball courts, etc.

Inside the FSF is a newly constructed 100 seat auditorium that is included with FSF service agreement along with many more facilities.  Day care, Restaurant, and more facilities will be added in the next few months.

But the best part of this tour was visiting the UEMF engineering labs where we got to see the innovative and forward thinking technology the UEMF has to offer:

From Concrete extruding 3D Printing systems for construction:


But our trip wasn’t all business! Here are some sights, sounds and culinary treats we got to enjoy around Fez!



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