Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner


Introducing the POP 3:

The next generation 3D Scanner by Revopoint!

Elevate your 3D scanning experience with the POP 3, the latest advancement in the POP series of 3D Scanners by our partners Revopoint, designed for unmatched precision and ease of use. This next-generation 3D scanner showcases exceptional improvements in hardware, design, and functionality, catering to a wide array of applications from 3D printing to VR/AR.

Precision Engineered for Versatility:

The POP 3 redefines accuracy, making it an ideal tool for diverse fields including reverse engineering, healthcare, product design, and digital preservation of historical items. Its enhanced scanning capabilities ensure high-resolution models with remarkable detail.

Optimized for All Environments:

With its advanced design, the POP 3 delivers consistent performance in various lighting conditions, ensuring optimal scanning results anytime, anywhere. This versatility makes it a valuable asset for professionals across various industries.

Empowering Creativity and Professionalism:

The POP 3 opens new horizons for professionals in 3D animation, VR/AR, and more. Its user-friendly operation and efficient scanning process enable the swift capture of intricate details, empowering users to explore endless possibilities in 3D modeling and design.

Top Reasons to Choose POP 3:

  1. Supreme Scanning Quality: Achieve high-resolution 3D models with impeccable detail.
  2. Enhanced Usability: Improved design for effortless scanning operations.
  3. Diverse Applications: Ideal for a multitude of industries, from engineering to digital arts.

And much more!

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Scanning Type

Handheld and Turntable

Object Size


Single-frame Accuracy, up to

0.1 mm

Working Distance

150 ~ 400 mm

Furthest Single Capture Range

244 x180 @ 400 mm

Minimum Scan Volume

20 x 20 x 20mm

Scanning Speed

12 – 18 fps

RGB Camera Resolution

1 Megapixels

Tracking Methods

Feature, Marker

3D Light Source

Class 1 Infrared Light

Infrared Fill Lights



2 core, 1.6 GHz





Minimum System Requirements

Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM

Operating System


Output File Formats




Connector Type

USB Type-C



Dimensions L x W x H

153 x 45 x 29 mm

User Recalibration



Dual-camera Infrared Structured Light

Single-frame Precision, up to

0.05 mm

Point Distance (Resolution), up to

0.05 mm

Closest Single Capture Range

61 x 68 @150 mm

Angular Field of View, H x W

40 x 25°

Maximum Scan Volume

2500 x 2500 x 2500 mm

Depth Camera Resolution, up to

1 Megapixels

Color Scanning

Outdoor Scanning

White LED Flash


Positioning Sensors

9-axis IMU

Internal Processing

Depth map computing

Memory (RAM)




Recommended System Requirements

Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM or better

Compatible Systems

Window 10/11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, macOS

Ready to Print 3D Models



Power Requirements

DC 5V, 1A

Scanner Weight


Special Object Scanning

Use scanning spray for transparent, dark, or highly reflective objects.

Supported Accessories

Large Turntable, Dual-axis Turntable, Handheld Stabilizer, Mobile Kit


1. Precision is how close repeated measurements of the same object are to each other.

Accuracy is how close a measured value is to the actual (true) value.

They were both acquired in a controlled lab environment. Actual results might vary, subject to the operation environment.

2. iOS devices only support Wi-Fi connection.

3. Class 1 Laser: Avoid direct eye exposure for extended periods! Refer to Standards for Class 1 Lasers for details.

4. Outdoor scans should avoid direct sunlight.

5. Some scanners have flashing lights, which may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


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