Thunk 3D – Jewelry 3D Scanner


An amazing investment in your jewelry making business!

Make unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs with the Jewelry 3D Scanner by Thunk3D!

With a <0.01mm accuracy speed, we can guarantee that your models slightest textures are brought to imagination when the scanner is in action!

Scans convert seamlessly to .stl (and many other) 3D Printable formats for ready to market models in hours!

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Jewelry 3D Scanner Brochure-EN

Jewelry 3D Scanner Brochure-EN





Thunk3D Jewelry 3D Scanner for Jewelers

The Thunk3D Jewelry 3D Scanner is specifically designed for scanning jewelry, rings, gems, and objects ranging in size from 5mm to 80mm. Featuring fully automated scanning capabilities, this scanner is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing users to obtain accurate 3D models of objects within minutes.

This device is ideally suited for creating fitted bands or scanning gemstones to precisely design settings. It’s also extensively used for the digital recording of historic artifacts, wed-fit designs, and the reproduction of treasured items.


  • Sensor: CMOS, 1.31 MP
  • Lens: 25mm / 5 MP
  • Scanning Capacity: 5mm – 80mm
  • Accuracy: < 0.01mm
  • Resolution: 0.06mm
  • File Format: STL; seamlessly imports into any CAD program, 3D printers, and CNC machines.
  • PC Requirements: Nvidia as main GPU, Intel as CPU.


  • Scan objects quickly, typically within minutes.
  • Includes easy-to-use software.
  • Achieves high accuracy of less than 0.01mm, exporting unparalleled details.
  • Full training video provided for ease of use and quick setup.

Included in the Box:

  • 3D Scanner
  • Cables
  • Calibration Plate
  • Adapter
  • USB Disk with Included Software
  • Die (12 positions)
  • Link to Training Video
  • Blue Tack

Empower your jewelry making with the Thunk3D Jewelry 3D Scanner, engineered for precision, efficiency, and ease of use.




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