Thunk3D Fisher S Handheld 3D Scanner!


3D Scanning is one of the most simple and efficient ways to create 3D Models!

The Thunk3D Fisher S Handheld 3D Scanner is the scanner of choice when looking for an entry-level 3D Scanner at an amazing cost!

So what is the Thunk3D Fisher?!

The Thunk3D Fisher is the entry-level scanner you have been looking for!

With the Thunk3D Fisher achieve an amazing 1280*1080 scan resolution, which has tremendous advantage in phase shift image merging.

And with the use of DLP triple light technology the Fisher is your go to for your personal and professional 3D Scanning needs!

Through Thunk3D’s long and arduous R&D process for a compatible camera and lens, The Fisher can now generate a supremely stable and sharp imaging frame at 0.04mm accuracy! Plus when it comes to capturing the model image in full color spectrum, the Fisher performs brilliantly!
The feature filled Thunk3D Fisher software has both feature and mark alignment including support for hybrid aligning. An unparallel feature that enables scanning of different size and shape targets in high resolution!

Want to learn more? Download the brochure here!