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Welcome to the Canion3D community where your creative vision comes to life, especially with materials like Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT resin!

We understand your passion for precision and safety, and that’s why we’re excited to guide you through the process of transforming this high-quality resin into durable and compliant parts for any project that demands the highest standards.

Navigating the Nuances of Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT Resin

We’ve crafted a comprehensive guide filled with heartfelt advice and practical tips to help you seamlessly integrate Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT resin into your 3D printing workflow. Whether you’re designing intricate car interiors, robust rail components, or critical electronic covers, we’re here every step of the way.

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Your Journey Through Expert 3D Printing with Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT

  1. Understanding Raft Settings: Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT resin bonds strongly to metal plates, and we’re here to help you adjust your support settings for effortless post-print processing. We want to ensure that your creations come away clean and crisp.
  2. The Perfect Mix: Just like a fine blend of coffee, Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT requires a gentle shake before use. We encourage you to let it sit for a spell afterwards, allowing the magic to settle for a flawless print.
  3. Tailored 3D-Printing Parameters: Embrace the versatility of our resin, perfect for a variety of 3D printers. If you need a helping hand to find the ideal settings, our technical team is ready to assist with open arms at
  4. Support Settings Harmony: We share your desire for precision. Adjusting the support settings ensures your parts remain intact and beautiful, from removal to application.
  5. Cleaning, washing, and post-curing your part. Washing is similar to other Liqcreate resins. wash in either IPA, Ethanol or Liqcreate resin cleaner. Although it is recommended to use a separate cleaning bucket for Flame Retardant HDT printed parts if you print a lot of parts as some components from the resin can be washed off and settle on the surface of other resin parts.

Join Us on This Creative Expedition

At, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re becoming part of a community that nurtures growth, champions innovation, and thrives on collaboration. If at any point you have questions, remember that our technical team is just an email away at We’re more than just a resource; we’re your 3D printing ally, eager to help you elevate your projects to new heights.

So, let’s start this journey together, and let’s make something extraordinary!

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