Creatbot D600




The Creatbot D600: Your large scale Industrial 3D Printer that will take your manufacturing process to the next level!



The D600 Industrial 3D Printer by Creatbot allows the user to print objects in the resilient and unique material PEEK, that can produce sustainable 3D models for many industries.


Boasting a 600*600*600 build volume this Industrial 3D Printer is a great investment for any business with a need to produce parts at a large scale and that are resilient to environmental elements.


With nozzles that reaches up to 420 , the D600 has dual extruders which can extrude virtually any filament material including the aforementioned PEEK. 3D Printing with PEEK can produce parts for a variety of applications including:


  • Aerospace
  • Medical Device
  • Construction
  • Sanitation/Septic Systems
  • And much more!


Do you have a need to produce amazing performing parts at a large scale and at a 3rd of the price? Check out the Creatbot D600!