ApplyLabWork Laser Modeling White


ApplyLabWork Laser Modeling White – EU only

ApplyLabWork Laser Modeling Resin is excellent for a plethora of models that require white color, particularly anatomical models that display a patient’s bone structure and dental models.





ApplyLabWork Laser Modeling White

The ApplyLabWork Laser Modeling White resin produces precise, strong, but non-brittle models which provide an excellent visual presentation that are sustainable for years to come.

Unlimited Creativity

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We ship this item exclusively within the EU.


  • Size 1000 ml
  • Weight 1250 g
  • Dimensions 20×8×8 cm
  • For SLA Printers/Laser-based printers
  • Calibrated on FormLabs’ Form2, and Form3 printers
  • Preform Material Selection: Gray V4
  • FormLabs VAT friendly
  • Tensile Strength (46-53 MPa) / Elongation (1-3%)
  • VOC Free
  • SKU:MD-R001WT
  • For detailed print instructions, please refer to Printing Tips
  • For other open source SLA printers, please refer to Calibration Tutorial