ApplyLabWork Laser Expert Black


ApplyLabWork Laser Expert Black – EU only

ApplyLabWork Laser Expert Black is excellent for prototype engineering models that are designed for repeated handling during product development phases.





ApplyLabWork Laser Expert Black

ApplyLabWork Expert Black resin produces precise and strong prints that are built for the most robust and most durable parts for prototypes or production uses.

Unlimited Creativity

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We ship this item exclusively within the EU.


  • Size 1000 ml
  • Weight 1250 g
  • Dimensions 20×8×8 cm
  • Calibrated on FormLabs Form2 and Form3
  • Can be used in other open source SLA-printers
  • FormLabs Preform Material Selection:  Gray V4
  • FormLabs VAT friendly
  • Print Resolution: 25 ~ 100 microns
  • Tensile Strength (70-80 MPa) / Elongation (1-3%)
  • Minimum odor
  • SKU: PT-EX001BK
  • For detailed print instructions, please refer to Printing Tips
  • For other open source SLA printers, please refer to Calibration
  • Impact(J/m): 35-40
  • Hardness(Shore): 88-90D
  • Flexural Strength(MPa): 115-150
  • Flexural Modulus(MPa): 2050-2500
  • HDT(°F/°C): 154.04/67.8
  • Viscosity at 77°F/25°C: 1050-1200