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Canion3D CreateQuill 3D Pen


Canion3D CreateQuill – Light & Portable

The Canion3D CreateQuill is a low-temperature 3D Pen that works with PLA or ABS filament to draw and create objects, toys, and even 3D buildings!

The filament is easy to exchange and the nozzle temperature heats up to a maximum of 60℃, making it particularly safe for children to use.



Anet VP1 3D Printing Pen


The Anet VP1 3D Printing Pen is a terrific entry-level 3D Printing Pen for making vibrant 3D Models with your hands and your imagination!

*Website special* Get a free bag of PCL filament (colors assorted) with every purchase (a $10 value)!

Canion3D PLA Filament - Product Right

Canion3D PLA Filament


Canion3D PLA Filament – The filament best suited for hobbyists.

Canion3D PLA Filament is less rigid than ABS and there is no need to heat the print bed (in fact it can ruin the model).

Knowing the characteristics of the filament you look to buy is vital to a successful build of a model.