Liqcreate ESD 3D Printing Resin 250G


The resin’s isotropic electrostatic dissipative qualities render it exceptionally suited for fabricating electronic devices and components that demand ESD safety. By utilizing Liqcreate ESD, you can significantly reduce risks and enhance your manufacturing processes. It enables the production of custom-designed jigs, fixtures, and tools tailored to safeguard critical electronic components against static discharge, thus elevating the standards of safety and efficiency in your operations.

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Liqcreate ESD Resin: The Ultimate Resin for building ESD protected components

Liqcreate ESD, a premium opaque black photopolymer resin, is designed for seamless compatibility with a wide array of resin-based 3D printers, including open DLP, LCD, and SLA systems operating within the 385 – 420nm wavelength range. This material stands out for its specialized electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties, making it the ideal choice for creating 3D-printed parts in electronic manufacturing and ESD-safe environments like Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA).

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