3DP-as-a-Service (3DPaaS)

3DP-as-a-Service   – The Resource Management Solution for Additive Manufacturing!

3DPaaS x Canion3D is a revolutionary platform that will change the way you use 3D printers. It’s a resource management platform for additive manufacturing built on the Blockchain. With it, you’ll be able to do any function of 3D Printing under one platform.

3DPaaS x Canion3D is an on-demand 3D Printing as a Service platform that provides everything you need to print your 3D models. With our comprehensive suite of services and industry leading technology, we are able to get you from ideation to production in no time.

Our blockchain-based platform offers a seamless way for 3D printer owners to monetize their printers by using them as 3D printing services and mining cryptocurrencies at the same time. With our platform, you can take advantage of the best of both worlds: printing and mining.

The 3DPaaS is the first fully integrated 3D Printing, Cryptocurrency mining, and Cloud computing platform. The 3DPaaS will incorporate the primary tenets of Cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, STaaS) and provide accessibility to anyone from Novice to Expert to 3D Printing and Cryptocurrency mining through our easy to use platform regardless of industry.


Our project was inspired by our trials when building/developing our 3D Printing service offering. We recognized that users needed a more straightforward and less siloed solution to do many of the primary functions of the 3D Printing process. 3DPaaS x Canion3D is the first all-in-one 3D Printing service. We’ve simplified the process and made it more accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our 3D Printing service will meet your needs.


Canion3D is a technology company that has an intense focus on empowering people from all over the world to create economic equality. Our platform is for 3D Printing, software development, mining and more. We’re committed to helping people design and create products in a way that’s never been seen before. This platform will revolutionize how we work, earn, produce, and create and allow the world to contribute and capitalize from their contributions.


We recognize that for 3D Printing to grow as an industry, it needs a larger audience. Making easy to use and solutions that are accessible to everyone is the key to this, regardless of demographic.

While we acknowledge that many 3D Printing service bureaus and platforms enable printer sharing, none combines the simplicity, un-siloed, and robust features of our platform, which will grow the 3D Printing industry but grow the Blockchain as well.


We are currently in Phase two of three phases in our path to implementation with the help of our team of developers. We will implement our apps/and apps by our partners built within the platform that we will offer for free to all users during this phase. We will continue to develop innovative and easy-to-use applications and welcome software vendors in the 3D Printing industry to build and host their apps on our platform.


We are most proud of the relationships we are developing with like-minded companies worldwide who share our vision. We are also proud that we are developing a solution that will be a game-changer in the 3D Printing/AM industry and other areas such as Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Supply Chain, and much more.

How can I set up an account?

To set up your free account, sign up now at: https://ltzbld.canion3d.com

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